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Asian Outreach has been active in Canada since the late 1960s. From the very beginning we have sought to inform, inspire and involve the Canadian community with vision that we can make a difference in our world. We work to raise financial resources and short-term volunteers for projects initiated by our Asian field offices.

Asian Outreach is a Christian faith-based agency. Our vision is to effect social, spiritual and holistic change through our involvement and investment in Asia. We believe the urgency of the needs in Asia demands an unprecedented spirit of co-operation. Two thirds of the world's population call Asia home. The deep spiritual and physical needs of these millions of people compel us to do all we can to make a difference in Asia. The history of Asian Outreach reflects the ever-changing nature of our world. Flexibility and adaptability will continue to characterize our approach to doing working in Asia. We value and honor the accomplishments of the past, but Asian Outreach will always seek to be in tune with the challenges of a rapidly changing world and culture.

Asian Outreach Canada is part of an alliance of 24 offices around the world working together to accomplish country-specific goals. Asian Outreach Canada provides funding and resources for the following areas of international involvement:

  • Training and support of national workers
  • Effective humanitarian efforts, including AIDS/HIV programs, medical, dental and relief work, literacy programs, community-based health and education programs, micro- enterprise and other practical programs to raise the quality of life in needy areas.
  • Faith-based education and literature programs, working in conjunction with local churches and agencies


A Three Part Solution to Provide a 2nd Chance to Children in Need.

Part 1

Breaking the poverty cycle for children who have no education:

40 million Asian children are not in school today. Many of these are sick or are required to work instead of go to school, because their families are too poor.

We provide schooling for disadvantaged children in some of the remotest parts of Asia, where there is no access to any other form of education. We also provide accelerated learning programs for children who have missed out normal schooling, so they can be integrated into the mainstream system.

Over 2700 children across Asia have already received the chance to have an education through our projects. By 2015 with your help a further 2,050 children will have access to education and the ability to change their future.

Part 2

Basic health care and hygiene education for impoverished children:

A lack of basic health care and 
inappropriate treatment of preventable illnesses is a major issue in rural Asia, and directly contributes to sickness and death of millions of children each year.

We work within the local context to equip the next generation with basic skills and understanding that will help stop the spread of preventable diseases, such as typhoid, diarrhea, TB, water-borne illnesses and HIV/AIDS. We also provide immunization and medical support for sick children.

Over 3400 children have benefited from health and hygiene training, and have impacted their communities of tens of thousands. By 2015 we aim to provide health education for 10,000 more children, with the same impact.

Part 3

A home and loving environment for children who are on the streets:

There are many children in Asia that have been orphaned because of poverty and disease. They may be living on the streets and in the sewers and have no where else to turn to.

One of the most devastating issues in a young life is the lack of love and nurture, and this affects many children who are without anyone to care for their basic needs. We provide homes for orphans and street kids, and give them food and health care. Most importantly we make sure they are loved.

Over 550 children have already been provided essential care through Asian Outreach projects. By 2015 we aim to help over 150 children through providing health care, food, shelter, love and emotional support.


Ways That You Can Partner:

Provide a Child or Children Access to Education:
You can help to provide disadvantaged children in Asia the education they need by contributing funds towards their tuition, books, uniforms, lunches and other resources.

  • $30 - A child can go to school for a month.
  • $330 - A child can go to school for a year.
  • $750 - A whole class (approx. 25 students) can go to school for a month
  • $8,250 - A whole class (approx. 25 students) can go to school for a year.

Provide Better Health & Hygiene for a Child:
By contributing towards this option, you are helping to equip children with the knowledge and skills to prevent disease, and provide medical support to those in need.

  • $40 - A student can receive education about health & hygiene for a year.
  • $2,800 - A whole school can receive education about health & hygiene for a year.
  • $5,000 - A toilet block can be built for a school.

Provide an Opportunity For a Homeless Child to Receive Essential Care:
Your donation will help to provide shelter, food, clothing and a loving environment for orphans and street children in need.

  • $20 - Clothes and shoes can be bought for a child in need.
  • $1,500 - A child in Nepal can be fully supported (shelter, food, clothing, loving environment) for a year.

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